Space Saving Clothes Hangers, Storage Rail and Dryer. 8 Hangers Multipurpose Rack

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Product Overview

Convenient time saver compared to regular hangers, offering neat storage as well as allowing easier hanging and removal of clothes. Great for the following uses:

-Creating an instant solution if there is no clothes rail or wardrobe (just hang from a hook). Ideal for a small apartment or mobile wardrobe.

-Hanging in an existing wardrobe for easy access and storage of clothes.

-Drying clothes and then transferring easily to storage.


Hanger arms fold down or up easily and lock into place. Fold down by pressing the tabs on each hanger.

Dual hook so can be hung with main arms out, for drying or display functioning as a complete clothes rail with 8 hangers.

Or turn upside down and fold - this storage arrangement uses very little space and still allows easy access to clothes with a stacked arrangement.

No need to unhang clothes when switching between each arrangement.


Easy and quick to hang clothes.

Easy to remove clothes, raise the hanger arms slightly, press the tabs to release.

Hang many clothes at once as a single unit with only one hook needed.

No need to stretch the neck of t shirts. Place t shirt over hanger arms when collapsed and then raise the arms inside. No need to unbutton the top button of shirts to hang and remove. Can be used instead of a wardrobe if no wardrobe available. Just hang from a single rail, hook or nail.

Neat display of clothes for easy access and identification with stacked arrangement.

Save time. Can be used both for drying and storage. No need to rehang clothes one by one on single hangers when moving to wardrobe.

Durable construction, with wide hanger blades to support your clothes without creases.


We recommend putting the rack on a rail or hook, and hanging clothes starting with the inner hangers and moving outwards.

They can be hung either in storage (space saving) or display rail (spread out) arrangement.

Arms of hangers can be folded down by pressing the tabs, or raised by moving and clicking them into place.

To fold the arms with clothes attached, raise them slightly then press the tabs to release.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review