DC 12V Digital LCD Power Programmable Timer Time AC Switch Relay 16A Amps

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Brand new and high quality. Convenient individual day of the week program setting.  Easy to use and install.


  • Cut out (MM) : Φ64.
  • Fitting Depths (mm) : 21.
  • DC:12V input power
  • Power consumption : 4.4VA.
  • current consumption without load : 0.015mA.
  • Resistive Load (LVD .IEC) 16A /250V AC.
  • Inductive load cos . 0.6 8A /250V AC.
  • incandescent lamp load 1000W.
  • Operation accuracy : Type(+-)1 s/day.
  • Ambient temperature : -10℃-55℃.
  • Shortest switching time : 1 min.
  • Shortest switching interval: 1 min.
  • Number of channels ' 1.
  • Number of memory spaces : 17.
  • Type of connection : Plug in.
  • ACCORDING TO : EN60730-1.
  • Installation method:screw, connector connection.
  • Key Button:
  • 1.clock, timer, day, h+(setting the hours), m+(setting the minutes), manual override, reset.
  • Tips:
  • 2.Before starting the program, the timer should be charged for at least 5 minutes as the inbuild battery may be of no battery.
  • 3.Before setting the program, press the key button reset, to clear the memorize data for the new instructions.
  • 4.After the program is made, please insert the timer to the plug. Then connect the electric appliance to the timer.
  • 5.The on and off can be set eight times each day, which can be set as follow:
  • -First option, Every day.
  • -Second option: from Monday to Friday.
  • -Third option: Saturday and Sunday(weekend).
  • -Fourth option: from Monday to Saturday(working days).
  • -Fifth option: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • -Sixth option: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
  • -Seventh option: from Monday to Wednesday.
  • -Eighth option: from Wednesday to Saturday.
  • -12 hours and 24 hours systems are optional.
  • Size:6cm x 6cm x 3cm - 2.36inch x 2.36inch x 1.18inch.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Programmable Timer Switch
  • Instructions



(No reviews yet) Write a Review