Brushless Motor Power Kit + ESC + Prop for up to 800g RC Model Aircraft. 2S & 3S

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Product Overview

Brushless Motor Power Kit.  Motor, ESC, and Propeller for RC Models up to 800g

Please choose one of the following from the dropdown selection above:

- All purpose power kit (for 2S / 3S lipo)
  This will give good speed (up to 70mph+ depending on your model) while still offering a good combination of flight time and noise level.   (Recommended for most set ups)
- Longer flight time power kit (for 2S / 3S lipo)
  Speed is lower, noise levels are lower and flight times are longer.  Suitable for slower aircraft and gliders.
- High speed power kit (for 2S / 3S lipo)
  Speed is higher (up to 80mph+ depending on your model), noise is higher and flight time is lower.

High quality power set up for your RC aircraft with weights of 300g to 800g (1000g also possible depending on perfomance required).

Our set ups are chosen for the best combination of speed, thrust, low noise, longer flight time, low weight, durability and low cost, and are classified by the type of performance you require - all purpose, long flight time, or high speed.

We offer set ups for connection to 2S or 3S lithium polymer (6-10 cell Ni-Mh batteries).

Simply choose the type of set up you need and all components are provided to fit to your aircraft ready to fly.

Connector to battery is a 'Deans' T type connector, but this can be changed to whichever connector you wish, or you can use a small cheap and lightweight adaptor.

Included with each kit:

  • Brushless motor with prop adaptor, mounting plate and screws
  • ESC speed controller with all necessary wires and connectors
  • 3.5mm gold plated bullet connectors between ESC and motor
  • High efficiency propellor (similar to APC style propellors)
  • Deans type T-connector fitted to ESC (plus matching connector with heat shrink tubing for your battery if needed)


All purpose

Weight(including connectors): 47g
Size: 27.5x30x30mm
RPM/V: 1400KV
Constant current: 30A
Weight: 28g
Size: 45x24x9mm
2S: 8x6
3S: 7x5

Longer flight time

Weight(including connectors): 47g
Size: 27.5x30x30mm
RPM/V: 930KV
Constant current: 20A
Size: 45x24x9mm
2S: 10x5
3S: 9x4.5

High speed
Weight(including connectors): 47g
Size: 27.5x30x30mm
RPM/V: 2000KV
Constant current: 40A
Size: 45x24x9mm

2S: 7x5
3S: 5x5


(1 review) Write a Review

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    A good buy

    Posted by Thomas Bennett on Jun 2nd 2017

    A nice little set. Well matched. Ideal for small aircraft like park flyers. At a price that doesn't break the bank. I had a small problem with my first one, but they replaced it immediately. Great service