Brushless Motor+ESC+Prop Power Kit for up to 3000g RC Model Airplanes - for 4S

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Product Overview

We offer a range of set ups which can be seen in our other listings.

This set up is for:
All purpose flight for models of 2200g (Range 1200-3000g) for 4S lithium polymer Batteries.

Flight performace will depend on the weight of your model, with weights in the middle of the range having good all round performance for sport flying. 
Lighter models will be highly powered, able to climb vertically unlimited and heavier models will have a slower rate of climb.

All purpose power kit: Recommended for most models and usage. This will give ample speed while still offering a good combination of flight time(time until the battery is depleted) and noise level.

Connector to battery is a 'Deans' T type connector, but this can be changed to whichever connector you wish, or you can use a small cheap and lightweight adaptor.

Included with each kit:
Brushless motor with prop adaptor, mounting plate and screws
ESC speed controller with all necessary wires and connectors
4mm gold plated bullet connectors between ESC and motor
High efficiency propellor (similar to APC style propellors which can be used as replacements if required)
Deans type T-connector fitted to ESC (plus matching connector with heat shrink tubing for your battery if needed)

Weight(including connectors): 170g
Size: 35x35x54mm
RPM/V: 730KV
Constant current: 60A
Size: 55x35x8mm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review